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Coaching Testimonial

Kati Elliot

I first came to Joy seeking help for my Life Coaching Business. I came to her for help with strategy but I was completely blown away by how deep Joy went with me. She helped me uncover things, that I had never even thought about before! I have seen so many shifts in my business AND my personal life, and I am so grateful I came to Joy for her guidance & support!



Uncovered Setbacks

Grew Business

Personal Growth

Coaching Testimonial

Erin Arroyo

“Working with Joy has brought me so much clarity and confidencein my life and who I want to be in this life! Pairing Ig Strategy with Transformational coaching has given me all the tools I need to be successful in both my business and personal life! I can’t believe the changes I have seen in just 5 weeks! “

You’re going to love her!! 



Boosted Confidence

Added Revenue Streams

Found Clarity & Passion

Coaching Testimonial

Kristen Caldwell

 Where do I even begin to say how much I have grown in the past 5 weeks! Before starting my coaching with Joy I was just slapping things up to see if they would stick. Now I actually have people, REAL people commenting and liking my posts! It has just brought so much more life and spark into my business, And now I just cannot wait to talk to more people!


Revamped IG Posts


Identified Unique Message

Created Passion For Business

Instagram Coaching

Brianna Koehler

“I went to Joy for Instagram coaching because I was just feeling stuck in a rut. I was bored, I didn’t know what to post about, I felt like I was lacking the passion that I have in my heart but I wasn’t communicating it clearly to my audience when it came to Instagram in the same way that I could do it in youtube videos or other aspects of my business. Joy helped pull SO much out of me that I desperately needed. She sat down with me in the coaching session, helped me just reconnect to….things that mattered to me and her advice allowed me to get to a place of vulnerability so much more quickly than I ever would have been able to do it on my own.  I saw INSTANTLY on my posts and my stories higher levels of engagement and I just felt so much more connected to my community. I would highly recommend Joy if you are looking to get out of whatever Instagram rut you are stuck in!”

Reconnected To Vision

Increased Engagement

Ignited Passion

Social Media Course

Dr. Lauren Duroy

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Social Babe Elite was structured very well and really helped me be able to find my voice so I can authentically help the woman I am destined to help! Plus, it really opened my eyes too all the great potential out there that I wasn’t tapping into!

Thank you so much!! 


Found Unique Voice

Authentically Sell Clients


Updated Social Media

Social Media COurse

Brittanie McCoy

“This course was so much more than Instagram algorythms! It helped me figured out what I care about sharing with the world. It was a great experience and I highly recommend linking arms with joy!”

Thank you so much!! 



Found Authentic Voice

Created Passion For Business

Boosted Online Confidence

Social Media COurse

Jessica Pacecho

“I wish I had this course years ago when I started my business! Even if you aren’t a beginner this course has so much valuable content!”

You don’t want to miss out!


Boosted Confidence

Started Using Correct Tools


Developed Brand Voice

Social Media COurse

Heidi Hammond

“I’ve been on social media for years, but this course has helped me learn the ins and outs! I have learned so much! I have always been scared of seeming “Sales-y” and Joy helped me feel confident and passionate about showing up on Social media!

You have to take this course!

Broke Down Sales Barriers

Gained Confidence


Created Meaningful Content